General Inspections

Our general inspections start outside of the house, and finish on the inside. One of the most important services we offer for rodent removal is locating possible entry points and closing them off. As a result, rodents are denied access into the home.

We inspect windows, garage doors, utility lines, dryer vents, door thresholds and downspouts. The most common area for rodents is unquestionably the construction gap. This is the area near the roof line which is left open for ventilation.

Other problem areas are those that provide water, food and housing for pests. For example, overgrown vegetation, wood piles, bird feeders, creeks and streams bode well for rodents. Storage areas, pet feeding sites and crawl spaces may also attract rodents. For that reason, traps are placed around these areas.

rodent removal services

Screenings & Exclusions

We use the proper gauge steel screening or sheet metal at active entry areas to exclude and control rodents. Securely fastened, these help prevent re-entry. Instead of steel sheets, another option would be steel wool.

rodent control services

Rodent Removal Service Plan


Our state-registered technicians thoroughly inspect your home for rodents. A technician will show the homeowner problem areas, as well as explain how rodents are entering the home. Additionally, they will explain what attracts them to your property in detail, and how best to control the problem.


After analyzing the home, our technicians will present a rodent removal service plan custom to your situation. Your individual plan will outline our suggested steps to fix your current rodent problem, as well as prevent future problems. 


Our rodent removal services are effective, no matter the species. By and large, we handle every infestation in a similar way. Our tools of the trade include exterior bait boxes, live traps, glue boards, snap and catch-all traps. Our technicians inspect the traps regularly, in case one needs to be replaced.


Rodent control is only effective, of course, if the services keep rodents away for prolonged periods of time. That is why we value our follow up service after the initial treatment and monitor traps to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

We offer a written guarantee, providing all above services free of charge should that specific species regain entry in any event. This guarantee covers the entire serviced area, not just the specific entry hole (unless specified). It is rare for these animals to reenter a structure, however sometimes it happens. That is why choosing a quality company with years of experience pays off in the long run.

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