Snakes are one of the most feared animals on the planet. They also rank as one of the top three things people fear most on planet earth. In the United States, we have many species of snakes. Though most of them are non venomous, in general people don’t like seeing snakes in their yard or home. Snake control is a service we take very seriously, since they cause such fear.

snake control service

Snake Control Service Plan


Our state-registered technicians will thoroughly inspect your yard for signs of snakes. Once found, the technicians will show the homeowner what attracts snakes to your home and yard, and how best to control the problem.


After analyzing the premises, our technicians will present snake control service plan that is custom to your home and situation. Your individual plan will outline our suggested steps to fix your current snake problem, as well as prevent future problems. 


Our technicians provide effective snake removal service. This includes trapping the snakes, then releasing them in their safe, natural habitat. After removing the snakes from your yard, we offer an exclusion service to make sure you won’t find these slippery little snakes around your home after we leave.


Snake control service is only effective if the period after your service is free of snakes. That is why we value our follow up service after the initial treatment to monitor traps and ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Snake Food

Why Snakes Come To Your Yard

Common insects that snakes like to eat include roaches (American, Oriental, Palmetto, Water Bugs, Wood, etc.), ants, caterpillars, beetles, boxelder bugs, crickets, cicada’s, grasshoppers, slugs, centipedes and most any insect that’s dead.

Common animals that attract snakes include chipmunks, gophers, ground squirrels, lizards, mice, moles, prairie dogs, rats, shrews, voles and birds.

If you have a high population of these listed insects or animals, then it’s only a matter of time until you start seeing snakes in the yard. And if you let any of these insects or animals move inside your home, the snakes will readily follow.

snake removal service

Snakes In The Yard

Second to food, snakes need a good place to live. They love to live under anything flat that lies on the ground. For example. objects such as boxes, weed cover sheeting, pine chips, pine straw, rocks, rock fill, gravel, any corrugated pipe or culvert, landscape rail road ties, patio slabs and wood piles could attract snakes. Many water dwelling species of snake are attracted to ponds and small creeks. With people making koi ponds and creating their own creeks and streams of water, snakes are sure to follow.

All things considered, to help minimize snake invasions, minimize the above conditions.

Snake Repellents

To keep snakes out of your yard and home, firstly reduce the amount of prime snake habitat. They love flat rocks, wood piles, boxes, slabs, slate walk ways, railroad ties, pine straw, ponds, creeks, water ditches, in the ground window wells, crawl spaces, basements, sheds, garages and other protective areas. Now obviously we need sheds, houses and garages but if you keep the prime snake habitat in the yard minimized, you’ll greatly the reduce the amount of snakes foraging close to the home. This will reduce the amount of snakes that come inside and in general, will really help at repelling snakes.

Snake Biology

Most snakes prefer to stay clear of people. But like any animal, they are driven by the need for food and shelter. And since most any house can provide a wonderful summer or winter home for snakes, it’s amazing we don’t encounter them more often in our living spaces.

Snakes usually feed on insects or small animals. With this in mind, the mere act of reducing insects and rodents on your property will directly result in seeing less snakes. In most every case of snake activity we encounter, there is a distinct insect or animal issue which led to the snakes coming around. In conclusion, if you don’t want snakes, take care of any insect or small animal problem around your home.

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